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Many CEO's talk about making their companies marketing and consumer led. Very few actually succeed in doing so. Take a test drive and walk into any of the top marketing companies in the world, be it Coca Cola, Procter & Gamble, Kraft or Unilever. Who you see there and what they do daily is very different from what these other so called marketing led companies do. Becoming marketing led is less about talk and more about changing the skills, capabilities and the processes by which you manage your marketing and business everyday.

Sales and channel footprint design

CEO's that are truly interested in transforming their companies into a marketing business must start with a “whatever it takes” attitude and lead the effort themselves. We help CEO's craft a 100 Week Marketing Agenda that helps them rapidly recast every aspect their company into a consumer centric mold. It changes everything and yet does not destroy the spirit and core essence of their business.

Sales and channel effectiveness

The 100 Week Marketing Agenda reshapes your organization, marketing strategy, strategic planning, performance measurements, brands, sales approach, customer service and other go-to-market systems. The program is only for the bold and committed and results in an order of magnitude increase in the market cap of the company.

Case Study

Electronics Company Gains Efficiency

A leading European consumer electronics products company had over time become a lumbering giant, slow and unresponsive to its customers, losing share to Japanese and Korean competitors.

A $20 million plus initiative was launched to transform strategic planning, key accounts management, market research, competitive intelligence, product management and innovation.

The key to success – the CEO's vision and mindset that for the company the transformation program was “not an expense but a capital investment in its people and capability to compete profitably”.

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