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How did the world's sexiest brand become a fallen angel?

If you've been an investor in L Brands since 2010, you’ve had quite a ride. A stock that once quintupled on the heels of the success of its Victoria’s Secret brand, has now fallen right back to earth.

Victoria’s Secret’s success lay in forging a deep bond with women. It, de facto, championed women’s right to be sexy and show it. With its Body by Victoria underwire bras and prime-time runway shows with models in racy lingerie, Victoria’s Secret made a new kind of sexiness a part of mainstream sensibilities.  

Somewhere along the way, Victoria’s Secret betrayed that trust. It went from being a champion of women's right to be and show sexy, to being the arbiter of who and what could be sexy. In a Vogue interview, it’s CMO dissed the idea of body positive women being on its runway show. It missed the trend from underwire bras to braletts, failing to redefine sexiness in a new mold.

Deep connections with customers do wonders for brands, but come with their own risks. Brands that betray that compact can find themselves worse off.

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